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{{{VVÜÜÜRZÜÜÜΛΛ}}} - Dajad

Published March 29, 2013

Catalog#: Dipso0078
Artist: {{{VVÜÜÜRZÜÜÜΛΛ}}}
Title: Dajad
Origin: Ukraine
Genre: Raw Black Metal

Recorded in raw and noisy manner of black metal and is represented as a soundtrack to metaphysical sacramentals of Vdaqzad eternally fighting with Death which attempts to slay the roots of spiritual energy. "Dajad" means "death" in Vdaqzad language; title of the first composition means "endless struggle" and the second - "subordinating to death".

Track List:

01 - Dmttub Vbotrad
02 - Dumub Dajadef =(


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Run time 17:18


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